Biotechnology innovation and new product development underpin some of the most impactful public health interventions in recent generations. I have been fortunate to contribute to some of them with my work on the technologies that shifted testing of the nations blood supply to molecular testing, as well as, first-in-class genetic engineering programs for food, health and environment.

  • Genetic, genome, and molecular engineering technologies for food and protein production
  • Medical diagnostics, food safety testing, and environmental threat detection
  • Genetic, genome, and molecular engineering of human and animal therapeutics, medicines, and vaccines
  • Molecular epidemiology, epidemic intelligence, environmental and public health interventions

Currently advancing and raising to further execute on R&D projects: (redirect to
  • Quantitative serological SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) assay for protective neutralizing antibodies
  • Protein production of animal-free growth factors for cultivated meats with algal expression systems
  • Engineering SARS-CoV-2 sewer surveillance systems and environmental testing platforms

Executed on multiple first-in-class advanced detection programs yielding FDA cleared CBER regulated blood screening and CDRH regulated medical diagnostics, including:

Participated in technology diligence to support acquisition or internal development and deployment of novel biotechnology platforms and first-in-class products reviewed by FDA, USDA, EPA and US FWS regulators:
  • AquaBounty genetically engineered fish, first GE food animal approved for human consumption (salmon)
  • Oxitec genetically engineered insects to fight infectious disease and agricultural pests ($160M acquisition)
  • ViaGen cloning for food and companion animals, as well as endangered species
  • Trans Ova Genetics bovine reproductive technologies ($110M acquisition)
  • Okanagan Specialty Fruits genetically engineered non-browning apples and other fruits ($41M acquisition)
  • EnviroFlight alternative protein feed nutrition using insect larvae
  • GenVec human and animal molecular vaccine platform
  • Engineered cell therapy platforms
  • ActoGeniX (ActoBiotics™) engineered microbial human and food animal medicinal platform ($60M acquisition)
  • Genomatix proprietary software for promoter design for genetic and genomic engineering
  • ILH, formerly Codexis, protein production facility in Hungary
  • Intrexon’s UltraVector® platform for protein engineering and gene switches for control of protein production [microbes, plants, animals, humans]
  • Intrexon’s pioneering of gene-edited environmental clean-up systems for emerging contaminants of concern [e.g., 1,4-dioxane]