Throughout my professional career there has been a national security component to the technology portfolios. My commitment to national biodefense and global biosecurity has fostered numerous relationships across government and the private sector in order to advance new technologies to support US and world health interests.

Current R&D Initiatives

Biodefense & Biosecurity Experience
  • Biodefense and biothreat mobile detection systems for intelligence community (Nanogen / Vectrant)
  • Translation of FDA cleared APTIMA CT/GC nucleic acid test to APTIMA ASR Rapid Response Molecular Detection Platform for biothreats (Gen-Probe > Hologic)
  • Infectious disease testing and vector control interventions for mosquito-borne diseases (Gen-Probe, St. Gabriel’s Hospital - Malawi, Intrexon, Oxitec)
  • Invasive species population control approaches (Intrexon, Oxitec)

Areas of ongoing effort to support global biosecurity and the national defense:
  • Biological and chemical threat detection systems
  • Medical countermeasures and next generation molecular vaccines
  • Biothreat measurement and signature intelligence
  • Engineered food animals and alternative protein sources for enhanced food security
  • Fermentation-based fuels and food production