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Biotechnology and public health professional with over 20 years experience developing, deploying and evaluating technologies applicable to human and animal health, food, and environmental interventions, as well as, national security, conservation, sustainable agriculture, waste-to-value, biofuels, and consumer products.

Cross-functional experience advancing clinical, public health, and biodefense programs including biological threat detection systems and various therapeutic and vaccine medical countermeasures. Developed and deployed multiple chronic and infectious disease diagnostics, including molecular tests for the safety of the U.S. blood supply, as well as, diagnostics for low resource settings in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Multi-disciplinary expertise gained functioning in technology analysis, basic and applied research, new product development, project management, marketing, business development, strategic alliances, and leadership roles.

Biotechnology product development
Diagnostics relevant to COVID-19

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Public relations and communications executive with over 15 years combined scientific research and biotechnology industry experience, including technical writing across healthcare and bioengineering fields, investor relations and IPO communications, branding, website design and development, social media strategy, and media relations.

Expertise in managing multidisciplinary teams responsible for integrating technical information with visual components and copywriting for internal and external corporate communications. Extensive vendor network including the world’s largest PR firms and some of the finest boutique agencies working in the creative communications space.

Trained PhD biochemist with specialized experience at ground-breaking publicly traded multinational industrial synthetic biology company. Experience in managing messages across corporate and subsidiaries ranging from immuno-oncology to animal health and aquaculture to agriculture.

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